Minimize Muscle Pain

Caffeine aids in pain relief after an intense workout and also reduces muscle soreness. As a perfect stimulant for your central nervous system, the caffeine content in it aids to relax muscles that control blood flow. In fact, it is actively joined with other pain relief drugs like aspirin or acetaminophen to enhance their effectiveness.

According to another study, the caffeine content in cold brew coffee highly minimized the pain ratings of a group who did 20 min of moderate-intensity cycling exercise.  This effect of coffee is because of the hypoalgesic nature of caffeine.

Muscle Preservation

According to recent research, sports researchers at Coventry University showed that caffeine aided offset the loss of muscle strength that appears with aging. The protective impacts were seen in the diaphragm, the primary muscle utilized for breathing, and skeletal muscle. The results show that in moderation, drinking this coffee may help preserve overall fitness and decrease the risk of age-related issues.

When we were crafting our high caffeine blends, our main focus was really to give you the best tasting healthy energy boost but as it turns out, caffeine has more benefits when consumed properly and that's how we came out with our high caffeine blend called The Sting and with our Busy Bee's Cold Brews.